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A History of Quality, Passion and Perseverance....

Press during the disassembly process
in 1958 at Chance Vought

Able Machinery Movers, Inc. had its origins in 1957 when Warren "Bubba" Mims assumed responsibility for moving machinery and equipment purchased and resold by his family. The family business was started shortly after World War II when the country was shifting from a wartime to a peacetime economy and the Federal Government was disposing of vast quantities of armament production equipment, vehicles, etc. Mims started work as a teenager, first as a driver, then as a move supervisor and finally as the individual responsible for all transportation aspects of the family business.

In 1957, Bubba spun off the equipment moving activity from the family and proceeded to operate as an independent business - Able Machinery Movers - handling both related party and third party relocations. As the years passed, the company developed a customer base unrelated to the family business. The original family company was sold off and Mims subsequently bought out his partners, becoming the 100% shareholder in Able. The company focused upon the movement and installation aspects of the machinery industry, including over the road transportation. Over the years, however, the long-haul aspect of the business was de-emphasized since it became more competitive and less profitable with deregulation of the trucking industry.
Early equipment operated by Able Machinery Movers

In 1999, Mr. Mims sold majority ownership in the company and retained partial ownership. Two of the new owners, Dave Krieger and Gene Mason, have worked for Able for over 45 years and currently serve as President and Executive Vice President respectively.

Today, with offices in Dallas and Houston, Able emphasizes new machinery installation, equipment decommissioning, crating and/or skid mounting for relocation, and, at the other end of a move, erection and hookup of the machines and ancillary equipment. Jobs include the relocation of single a machine or an entire plant, along with related items such as conveyers, shelves and racks.

Antenna being set at Southwestern Bell Telephone in Fort Worth, Texas in 1971

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