Benefits to Hiring a Full-Service Machine Moving Company

Heavy machinery moving is rarely a simple task that can be handled in-house. Often a moving company will be hired to do the heavy lifting, and that’s where you could run into issues. Depending on the equipment, where it’s currently located and where it needs to go, a variety of highly specialized services may be needed. That’s when it really pays to work with a full-service machine moving company that can provide everything for the relocation. This is especially true today when people are working remotely, technology is improving processes and there are more regulations to follow than ever before.

If you’re considering your options for moving heavy machinery, it’s the perfect time to review the information below that explains what a full-service moving company can do and why they are so beneficial when equipment has to be moved.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Moving Company 

Let’s start by discussing the benefits of hiring a commercial moving company for a machinery move. Most professional moving companies specialize in residential moves. That is a very different skill set than commercial moving for businesses.

The issue with residential movers is they:

  • Are not going to be familiar with working in corporate or industrial environments
  • Will not understand the cost of downtime for a business
  • Do not have experience using heavy equipment that is often required for machinery moving
  • Are not used to coordinating with numerous professionals
  • Do not have the resources for transporting heavy machinery
  • Do not have the expertise to help with disassembling or reassembling machinery

This is just a short list of the most common issues that happen when residential movers are hired for a commercial moving job. Many other important factors could come into play depending on the equipment that’s being moved. For example, often machinery requires clean room services, which are a commercial moving specialty. Not only does Able offer these services, but we also have a mobile clean room unit that can bring the service to your location.

Hiring a commercial moving company that focuses solely on machinery moves is the safest bet.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Moving Company? 

The benefits of hiring professional machinery movers that can do it all are fairly extensive. Right from the start you’ll notice that things just run smoother when your moving company can be the point of contact for everything. Below are more details on the benefits of hiring a full-service machine moving company.

Time and Cost Efficiency for Long Distance Machinery Moving 

One of the biggest benefits of hiring professional machinery movers is saving time and money. With one company orchestrating the entire move things are seamless and go more smoothly no matter how far the machinery is being moved.

The reason things run more efficiently is because there are already lines of communication open between the professionals that are involved, and protocols are in place that the whole team understands. In short, there’s a system for handling each aspect of the move, making the process less time-intensive and therefore less expensive.

Full-Service Heavy Machinery Movers Have All the Experience and Equipment Needed 

You never know what type of equipment or expertise will be needed for a machinery move. A full-service moving company has all of the bases covered. They’ll have specialized equipment rather than having to rent equipment from another provider or outsourcing the work to someone else. Full-service moving companies also have a diverse team of professionals that bring different expertise to the table.

A full service machinery moving company will have expertise in planning the move, disassembling and reassembling machines, transporting equipment, crating equipment and even storing machinery. This wide range of experience is absolutely essential if one moving company is going to handle it all.

Full-Service Machine Movers Provide Convenience 

For some businesses, hiring full-service machinery movers is a matter of convenience. They simply do not have time to manage the process themselves and stay in contact with multiple vendors orchestrating everything between them. So, it’s highly beneficial to have a full-service mover that can handle each phase of the move within their own team and can make the arrangements for you.

Minimized Disruptions to Business Operations 

One of our top goals as professional machinery movers is to minimize disruptions for the business. We understand that moving machinery means that your operation isn’t operating. Every minute of downtime is money that’s lost.

An experienced full service moving company can minimize disruptions by reducing miscommunication and scheduling conflicts that can occur when multiple moving companies are working together on one job. And if a disruption does occur, with one company handling the move the problem is usually rectified much faster. An experienced full-service team like Able Machinery Movers can even work with you during the planning stage to optimize the equipment set up at the new location so there are less disruptions and improved business operations after the machinery is moved.

Reduced Risk of Damage or Loss 

Another benefit of having one full service moving company is less concern over equipment damage or loss. This is primarily because everyone is on the same page and following standard procedures that everyone is aware of and adheres to during the move. Information sharing among the different specialists is also typically much better, which helps reduce the chance that a costly error will occur.

With just one company handling the move you also know what to expect if damage or losses do occur. Every moving company has their own business practices and policies for handling damage and loss. For this reason, working with multiple companies could pose a serious issue. There may be debate over which company is responsible as well as how the problem should be corrected, which could make it more difficult to resolve the problem.

How to Hire Best Professional Moving Company for Machinery Moving 

The benefits of hiring a professional moving company that can handle the entire move are clear. The challenge is finding a full-service machine moving company that can meet your requirements within your budget.

It’s important to verify several things before hiring a professional moving company for machinery moving. The moving company should:

  • Be fully insured and licensed to move machinery
  • Have a good track record – good BBB rating, good reviews, no legal troubles, etc.
  • Have experience working within your industry
  • Employees have had proper OSHA and safety training
  • Own or has access to the equipment needed for the move

As part of MEI Rigging & Crating LLC., Able Machinery offers nationwide machine moving services covering every aspect of a move from start to finish. Leveraging our access to experts across the country, our services are specifically tailored to the Texas market, providing additional storage, equipment, and resources to ensure your machinery relocation is handled safely, efficiently, and within budget. Contact our team today to discuss the machinery you need to move!