Our fleet of lifts includes capacities from 4,000 to 80,000 pounds. We have lifts specially designed for narrow access, low overhead, high reach, and high capacity. A wide variety of attachments are available including fork extensions, fixed and variable angle booms, and hydraulic booms. To ensure top working condition, all our lifts are meticulously maintained by our in-house mechanical team.

5 Ton To 400 Ton Gantry Systems

We feature various gantry systems from manual systems rated at 10,000 pounds to 4-leg, 250-ton, and 400-ton hydraulic gantry systems. They are each fully portable and equipped for performing a wide variety of heavy and large lifting operations. The track system allows the gantry to move while maintaining the highest safety margins. These systems are particularly useful when removing heavy equipment from a pit or when assembling heavy equipment in tight quarters.

Transportation Vehicles

We have our own fleet of single-axle to triple-axle trucks enhanced with an impressive variety of standard and specialty trailers including flatbed, single-drop, double-drop, extendable lowboy, tilt, sliding axle, and vans. All trucks and trailers are equipped with air-ride suspension providing a smoother move. The entire fleet maintains constant contact with our dispatch department via state-of-the-art radio communication equipment. Additionally, we have access to superb quality, high-capacity and multiple-axle trailers, rail cars, and overseas containers through our well-established relationship with local, regional, and national specialty carriers.

Specialized Rigging + Machinery Moving Equipment

We have a complete selection of specialty rigging equipment which includes synchronized jacks, air dollies, air jacks, water level, twin lift, and traksporter along with a complete range of standard moving equipment such as skates, jacks, spreader bars, slings, and shackles. We also have the expertise and ability to custom fabricate specialty tools, lifting equipment, and moving equipment in our welding and machine shop, when needed. Such capabilities ensure that we will have the right equipment for any job.

Cranes + Other Lifting Equipment

When the job calls for it, we have access to the most complete range of cranes through our established close working relationships with leading crane companies nationwide.

Clean Room Specialized Moving Equipment

We have a large selection of aluminum plate, aluminum jacks, aluminum dollies, poly plates, and poly blocking along with other equipment that is required when working in a clean room environment.