How to Maintain a Clean Room Environment


A clean room is called a clean room because the environment inside needs to be completely free of contaminants and carefully controlled to maintain certain conditions. These types of working environments are common in the medical, pharmaceutical, tech and manufacturing industries. For example, an operating room is a clean room environment. A clean room can also be part of a facility with delicate machinery or a server room full of electronics.


Maintaining a clean room environment can be a challenging round-the-clock task that involves more than keeping contaminants at bay. The workspace can quickly lose its clean room designation if it isn’t properly maintained and regulations aren’t carefully followed at all times. All it takes is one oversight to make the whole clean room inoperable.

A big part of keeping a clean room up to standard is making sure that everything that goes in and out of a clean room is properly moved. The best way to do this is to hire professional clean room movers during big moves.

After more than 30 years of working in a wide variety of clean room environments, the Able team has learned a thing or two about ensuring that items move in and out of these specialized spaces while maintaining the safety precautions that these sensitive environments require. Here are some suggestions for how to maintain a clean room environment in any industry.

Careful Clean Room Installation With the Right Equipment?

The equipment that’s used in a clean room installation can make a difference, as does equipment that’s used in the clean room for operation and maintenance. Clean rooms are often purpose-built and set up for certain types of contamination-free activities. This sets the stage for easier clean room maintenance.

Once the clean room installation is complete, you have to be careful about what you put inside the workspace. Clean room-specific equipment, office supplies and packaging should all be used. Products and equipment that are clean-room specific meet rigid standards for maintaining a pure space. Clean-room products and equipment off-gas less, release fewer contaminants, and are made of materials that are easier to maintain.

It’s also a good idea to put protective coverings over clean room equipment. This will prevent particles from getting into the equipment and causing damage.

Establish, Communicate & Monitor Clean Room Procedures for Entering or Exiting

Cleaning clean rooms and keeping them clean is largely about controlling the space. If you aren’t controlling who and what goes in and out, then you can’t be sure the clean room environment isn’t contaminated. Maintenance is much less stressful if you create procedures for entering and exiting the clean room. The procedures should include the following:

  • Only those who understand the clean room protocols are allowed into the workspace.
  • No personal items can be brought in.
  • No perfumes can be worn.
  • No cosmetics can be worn.
  • No eating or drinking.
  • No smoking for at least 20 minutes prior to entering.
  • Move slowly through the space to avoid stirring up particulate matter.
  • No one who is possibly sick should enter.
  • Establish gowning and ungowning procedures.
  • Keep hair covered at all times, including facial hair.
  • Limit the amount of speaking to reduce air contaminants.

Hire Clean Room Environment Experts

Sometimes you’ll need to let outsiders into your clean room environment. It may be a contract worker, electrician, or even a machinery moving company like Able. Hiring the right people for the job is critical for the integrity of the clean room environment.

Maintaining a clean room environment poses a lot of challenges, and Able Machinery Movers can make it easier. We ensure that moving equipment in or out of a clean room and transporting clean room equipment is done properly. Our team of clean room specialists are already familiar with the strict standards you need to meet, know how to meet them and have clean-room compliant equipment at their disposal.

Able Machinery Movers offers best-in-class clean room moving services in any type of work environment. We even have mobile clean room units that can be dispatched to your site with everything that’s needed to meet ISO standards.