The Benefits of Plant or Factory Relocation to Texas

Benefits of Relocating Factories to Texas 

Whether it’s Dallas, Austin, Houston, or San Antonio, it’s no secret that Texas is a hot spot for corporate factory and plant relocation. In 2022 Texas officially became the headquarters for more Fortune 500 companies than any other state. During the previous year, 62 corporations relocated to Texas from 17 other states and three foreign countries.

Here are just a few of the top benefits that prompted corporations to relocate factories to Texas.

More Space for Your Money

Everything is bigger in Texas, but that doesn’t mean it will necessarily cost you more. The price per square foot is very competitive in Texas, especially when you consider the other advantages of operating in the state. If the goal of a factory relocation is expansion or increased productivity, then Texas has several markets that are ideal for increasing your footprint.

Lower Operating Costs

Lower operating costs are a significant deciding factor for companies that have relocated to Texas. Case in point, recently 64% of manufacturers said energy costs were the biggest threat to their business. For many businesses in the manufacturing and industrial sectors utilities are the largest operating expense, and it’s one that isn’t easy to control. One thing that will make a difference is where the factory is located.

Being located in the energy hub of Texas comes with the benefit of lower utility rates on average. The state is the number one energy producer in the U.S., which helps to keep gas and electricity rates low compared to the rest of the country. The Energy Information Agency (EIA) reported in March 2023 that the national average price for electricity in the industrial sector was 7.91 cents per kilowatt hour. In Texas during that same time it was 6.46 cents per kilowatt hour. Even more notable is the fact that Texas electricity prices actually fell slightly year-over-year while prices increased in the vast majority of other states.

Surrounding Opportunities

Metros across Texas have been steadily growing for decades. It’s created a synergistic environment that’s helping businesses across many industries find new opportunities for growth and expansion. The growth has been so explosive, Texas now has the 9th largest economy in the world. In general, if the economy is doing well in a state there are more opportunities to be had.

Attract High Quality Employees

Texas has an amazing labor force. It’s very diverse, with specialists in virtually every field. Why? There’s a number of reasons. Texas has a long history of having a strong economy and jobs market. The state is also home to many top universities with 90% graduation rates, meaning tens of thousands of new graduates enter the workforce every year. But most importantly, people enjoy living in Texas. Companies that are based in Texas can tap into a large pool of top-level employees that want to live in a state with a moderate cost of living, high quality of life and no income taxes.

Hire Expert Machinery Movers for Your Plant Relocation

Who you hire for factory relocation services is also a big decision. A successful factory relocation is a huge undertaking that requires the coordination of many people to carefully plan and execute the move. Working with reputable plant movers that have experience dismantling, moving and installing heavy machinery helps to ensure a smooth transition so that everything is up and running at the new location as quickly as possible.

No one knows Texas markets like Able Machinery Movers. We’ve been based in the Lone Star State since 1957! Able Machinery Movers can assist with plant relocations anywhere in Texas. You can choose to do a full-service factory move that takes care of everything or select individual factory moving services as needed.

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