What to Consider Before Hiring a Full-Service Industrial Rigging Company

Ask these six questions to figure out which machinery riggers will be best for your project.

Rigging machinery is a project that not everyone can handle. If you’ve decided it’s a job that needs to be handled by rigging contractors, then there are a few things to consider. With the amount of risk involved, you don’t want to simply hire the first industrial rigging company you find.

How can you ensure you hire the right machinery movers for the job? Ask the six questions below to get a much better idea of which company will provide the best service at the best price.

Are they a credible machinery rigging company?

The first thing to look into is how credible and reputable the machinery riggers are. There’s a lot on the line with any rigging project. You want to know that the machinery rigging company has a good track record. Here are some things to check to gauge the credibility of an industrial rigging company:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Is the company licensed?
  • Do they have positive customer reviews?
  • What is their BBB rating?
  • Do they have examples of projects they completed on their website?
  • Have they published case studies?
  • How is the company insured?
  • Does the company have riggers liability coverage?
  • Are riggers OSHA trained and certified?
  • What kind of equipment certifications does the company have?
  • What is their safety record?
  • Are they willing to provide references you can contact?

Able Machinery Movers is a rigging company that prides itself on complete transparency. We let our work speak for itself with machinery moving case studies, public details on our insurance coverage and honest reviews from best-in-class businesses we’ve worked with in the past.

Can the industrial rigging company get your rigging project done?

Moving heavy machinery takes specialized equipment, expert planning and a team of riggers that know how to execute the plan. That combination is actually more difficult to find than many companies realize. Many rigging contractors claim they can get a project done, so you have to take steps to figure out if they can actually produce results as promised.

Experience Completing Similar Projects

One of the most important things to consider is whether the company has successfully completed a similar job. It’s always best if the machinery riggers have hands-on experience doing what you need done. That said, most machinery moving jobs are unique and no two are ever just alike. The company will still need to provide a customized solution.

Make Sure They Have the Right Equipment

Few moving companies have the rigging equipment that’s required for moving heavy machinery. This is a crucial part of the project given that nothing is possible without the right equipment.

Opt for Full-Service Machinery Movers

It’s usually best to look for a full-service machinery moving company that can handle all aspects of the job. That’s the only way to make sure all of the credibility items above are covered and things go as smoothly as possible. A full-service machinery moving company will be able to:

  • Create a detailed plan for executing the move.
  • Dissemble machinery.
  • Crate machinery if needed.
  • Load and move machinery.
  • Transport machinery to its next location.
  • Use high capacity forklifts and/or cranes to lift machinery into place.
  • Reassemble and secure machinery.

Many rigging contractors can only cover one part of the project. Lining up a different company for each phase of the project is going to be more complex and will likely cost more than hiring full-service movers. Either way you have to do your due diligence and ask about the equipment that the company has at their disposal and how experienced their team is at using it. Also ask for names of past clients and references that can tell you more about their ability to get a rigging job done.

Able Machinery Movers has spent decades assembling the best equipment and experts. Our full-service machinery moving company is capable of handling any rigging project across industries including clean room services and entire factory relocations.

How is the rigging contractors customer service?

You’ll get a good gauge for a company’s customer service by simply contacting them. Pay close attention to how quickly they get back to you and what is discussed in the initial interactions. If a company is slow to respond, doesn’t ask a lot of questions about your project or puts emphasis on meeting their own needs it’s a strong indicator that their customer service isn’t the best.

But with machinery moving projects good customer service isn’t just about being available to answer questions and provide administrative assistance. Good customer service starts with listening to what the customer needs and delivering the best solution. In rigging, this means coming up with solutions that may require outside equipment or bringing a specialized rigging contractor onto the team for the project such as lever alignment or hazardous material disposal. The moving company will check their ego at the door to make sure you get the best result possible.

Do their prices align with your budget and other local rigging companies?

Budget is an inescapable factor for most businesses. Moving heavy machinery can be a very expensive undertaking. You don’t want to sacrifice safety or quality, but you’ll need to know if a rigging company’s prices align with your budget.

Machinery moving is an instance where you don’t want to just go with the cheapest option. Using that strategy could lead to problems that make the project much more expensive than originally expected.

Something to consider is how a mover’s prices compare to what’s quoted by other local rigging companies. If the quote for the project is noticeably higher or lower than other companies ask what makes their services more/less expensive. It could be that a more expensive quote comes with additional services.

Like any good moving company, Able always provides a customized quote that is specific to the project. The rates are very reasonable, and we practice flexible pricing. We can work with you to make adjustments so that the project stays on budget without affecting safety.

Do the machinery riggers have a reasonable timeline for your rigging job?

It’s understandable if you want the job done as soon as possible, but that isn’t always realistic or safe. The timeline for the project is a significant logistical factor that will affect all elements of the project. If the timeline can’t be met it throws everything off, which can increase the cost of getting machinery moved.

Machinery movers should always clearly communicate the time it will take to complete a project and get your approval. The timeline should be broken down into phases so that you can see the steps that will be taken and plan accordingly for each phase.

If a rigger lays out a timeline that is shorter than what others have suggested, it’s a potential red flag. However, it’s important to ask what makes their services faster. They might be able to start the project right away or don’t need to wait for equipment to become available.

What safety measures do they have in place for rigging machinery?

At the end of the day, safety is what’s most important. Even if everything else goes flawlessly, a split second is all it takes for a serious injury to occur.

Most credible machinery movers will meet minimum requirements, but when it comes to safety doing the minimum isn’t enough. To find a rigging company that puts safety first:

  • Ask about the company’s philosophy and approach to safety.
  • Get specifics on how they ensure the machinery and all personnel are protected.
  • Find out what kind of safety certification processes the company has gone through.

If a rigging company is reluctant to share this information, doesn’t have an answer or doesn’t seem to follow standard safety protocols, keep looking for a company that does.

Everything comes second to safety at Able Machinery Movers. We will never compromise safety for the sake of securing a contract. We’ll never make promises or suggestions that would increase the risk of harming a person, equipment or your work environment. Our company will never cut corners to prioritize convenience over safety.

Able Machinery Movers has maintained an exemplary track record over more than 65 years. It’s this kind of experience that sets our rigging company apart from other machinery movers. With Able you are working with an industry leader that has proven its ability to safely complete complex machinery moving projects that have never been done before.

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