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When one of the largest energy infrastructure companies in North America needed to rebuild a 57,000 lb motor they knew they could rely on Able Machinery Movers. Despite work environment safety risks and limitations, Able’s talented team was able to complete the project on time and within budget by coming up with a custom-fabricated track system.


Leading energy infrastructure company with 10,000+ employees that operate 83,000 miles of


The client needed a 57,000 lb 5600 Westinghouse electric motor to be removed from an operable facility and loaded onto a carrier’s truck.


A major challenge involved in this project was the working environment. Because work was being done in a flammable area, no tools that could potentially cause a spark could be used. In addition to the massive load and size, the motor was also positioned 5’6” off the ground surrounded by an elevated platform over a pit space. This posed logistical challenges when determining the safest method of removing the motor.


This project required industrial machinery moving, rigging, welding and custom fabrication.


Experts across departments came together to create a project plan that utilized custom fabrication and the assembly of elevated walking beams that could support the motor. To hoist the motor our team used 250-ton hydraulic gantries a 15,000 lb pneumatic tired forklift and a 40-ton capacity twinlift.


Moving a 28.5-ton motor is always going to be a complicated undertaking that requires expertise, experience and exactness. When Able Machinery Movers was approached about moving a 57,000 lb Westinghouse electric motor we knew the project would require creative

The Sales team and Operations team came together to devise a way to hoist and move the massive motor within the client’s facility. Before the project could begin onsite, Able’s team had to design, fabricate and assemble custom elevated walking beams that could support the weight of the motor. A temporary frame also had to be constructed to hold the motor on the track
system during the move.

Once fabricated the walking beams were certified by a third-party to have a capacity of 72,000lbs. More than adequate for the 57,000 lb motor. However, that was the simple part of the undertaking. The team then had to assemble the tracks, set them in place and anchor them to the ground.

With the tracks in place the team could begin the process of rigging and moving the motor. To do this the crew lifted and set 250-ton gantries into place with a 20’ gap spanning between the two legs. After assembly the crew was able to lift the motor straight up and onto the temporary frame. Once the motor was bolted to the frame it was carefully positioned onto large machinery moving dollies. Using come-alongs, the crew slowly maneuvered the motor off its pad and onto the elevated walking beams then repositioned the skates. It was a process that left no room for error.

Prior testing eliminated concerns over deflection in the beams, however, extreme caution was needed while moving the motor down the track. One small slip could have been catastrophic. Clear communication allowed the team to coordinate and smoothly pull the motor down the track.

The final stage of the process involved the use of a 40-ton twinlift to raise the 28.5-ton motor. The motor was then lifted off the walking beams and set onto a carrier’s truck. The project went so smoothly, Able Machinery Movers was hired once again to assist with getting the motor back in place after being rebuilt. Able’s team handled the unloading of the motor, setting it back onto the raised track system, moving it back to the elevated platform and assist the technicians with the final alignment of the motor.

Able was entrusted with this major machinery move because our experts are creative thinkers that come up with efficient solutions in the face of numerous challenges. Although we have an impressive supply of equipment, we’re also equipped to custom-fabricate what we need for the job. It gives Able Machinery Movers the ability to take whatever approach is needed to safely move equipment in the most efficient manner possible.

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