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Meeting the demands of commercial HVAC, mechanical and electrical engineering projects requires a team of people that can think mechanically and creatively.

HVAC Relocation Services

Meeting the demands of commercial HVAC, mechanical and electrical engineering projects requires a team of people that can think mechanically and creatively. That’s exactly what you get with Able Machinery Movers. Over the decades we’ve expanded our expertise and equipment to offer specialized HVAC removal/installation services that are among the best in the country. 

With Able Machinery Movers all your HVAC removal/installation needs are handled. From creating a project plan for safely and efficiently decommissioning the system to crating up the equipment to transporting every component across town or cross country, Able is the only mover you need from start to finish.


Moving AC Unit of Any Size in All Industries

Our project managers can create a plan that meets the challenges of the most complex HVAC relocations.  

Replacing HVAC equipment requires a significant amount of preparation to minimize downtime and expenses. The HVAC crane service cost alone can get out of hand if you don’t have a solid plan. 

That’s why we start every heavy machinery moving job by putting together a custom project plan. You’ll work with our project managers to identify goals, needs and potential challenges. As a full-service heavy machinery moving company we’re able to cover all the bases of an HVAC replacement or installation project. 

Able Machinery Movers has completed HVAC work on systems of all sizes in a wide range of industries. Our team is experienced in handling:   

  • Chillers
  • Cooling Towers
  • AC Units
  • Air Handlers
  • Ductwork 
  • Industrial Fans and Blowers
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Switchgear
  • Transformers

Our team provides logistical and hands-on support at whatever level you need. We can work with your contractors and employees to create the ideal HVAC moving plan for your business.


Factors That Make HVAC Removal/installation Jobs Especially Challenging

HVAC removal/installation may seem like a job many machinery movers can handle, but it’s much more complicated when you consider all of the potential obstacles. Even a small HVAC system or single industrial air handler can come with unique challenges that take expertise and creativity to overcome. There are four challenges in particular that a machinery mover can run into while moving an AC unit.

One System With Many Delicate Components

HVAC systems are real workhorses that are often running year-round. As rugged as the heating, cooling and ventilation equipment is, it’s also very fragile. A number of delicate components must work together precisely or the whole system can fail.

At Able Machinery Movers, we’re used to taking on challenges. Our decades of experience, solution-oriented team members and high-quality rigging equipment come together to execute the most complex HVAC removal/installation projects with minimal downtime and risk.  

Complex Systems That Are Never Alike

Nearly every building and business across all industries have an HVAC system, but no two systems are ever exactly alike. In some industries like technology and medicine, HVAC systems are typically larger and more sophisticated. So while a company can be familiar with moving an AC unit, it still takes creative thinking and attention to detail because it’s a complex system that can be unlike anything you’ve seen before.  

HVAC Equipment and Electrical Components Aren’t Always Easy to Access

An HVAC system isn’t like other heavy machinery in one key way – its location. The equipment isn’t in the middle of a plant floor. It’s within the walls, in the ceiling and even on the roof. Specialized HVAC lifting equipment is often required simply due to where the equipment is located.

Rigging That Can Get HVAC Equipment Where It Needs to Go (H2 tag)

We have the expertise and HVAC lifting equipment for even the largest heating and cooling systems.  

Removing/installing a commercial HVAC system typically requires advanced rigging services performed by skilled operators that know how to properly use the equipment. Able Machinery Movers has the flexibility and freedom to work on your schedule because we don’t have to rely on third party equipment suppliers to get the job done. We have a full lineup of specialized rigging equipment to get your HVAC components where they need to go. Our rigging equipment includes: 

  • Hydraulic Gantries
  • Forklifts
  • Cranes
  • Manual Gantries
  • Chain Falls 
  • Chain Travelers
  • Air Dollies 
  • Machinery Dollies

HVAC systems that are out of reach for most movers aren’t a problem for us. We’ve rigged switchgears up elevator shafts in downtown office buildings and relocated HVAC systems from roofs to basements.  Wherever the HVAC system is and no matter where it needs to go Able’s rigging team can get it there.


Why Choose Able Machinery Movers for Your HVAC, Mechanical and Electrical jobs

When in comes to a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system experience matters. It’s a part of your operation that’s too important to leave to chance.

The cost to install an AC system really shouldn’t be the first consideration, because going with the cheapest mover could end up costing you a lot more than expected. What’s most important is hiring a moving team with a track record of relocating HVAC equipment safely while staying on budget and on schedule so that downtime doesn’t end up adding to the expense.

Able Machinery Movers has handled some of the most complex HVAC systems in use today, and we’re confident we can make your move as safe, seamless and stressless as possible. 

We’ve put HVAC equipment in numerous schools, office buildings and manufacturing facilities, including Terminal D at the DFW airport and the Cowboys Stadium. In terms of size, our team has successfully installed chillers that when assembled are over 500,000 pounds.

If you’re looking for an experienced heavy equipment moving team that has safely installed some of the country’s largest HVAC systems but is still agile enough for smaller projects, then Able is the machinery movers for you. We’re equally prepared to handle a small job moving a single blower or a massive HVAC system with dozens of components in a cleanroom environment.

Learn more about how we’ve helped companies in the HVAC, mechanical and electrical engineering industry relocate and assemble some of the most complex heating and cooling systems in use today.  

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