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The healthcare industry is expanding at an incredible pace and innovation is leading to the development of more medical equipment that needs to be moved and installed.

Medical Healthcare Equipment Relocation Services

The healthcare industry is expanding at an incredible pace and innovation is leading to the development of more medical equipment that needs to be moved and installed. Hospitals, dental offices, medical facilities, labs, med spas and rehabilitation centers can all trust Able Machinery Movers to handle their medical healthcare equipment.  

Moving medical healthcare equipment requires expertise that few movers have. High-value shipments carry additional risks that could be costly with a sub-par mover. When the health of your business relies on a moving company, you can trust Able to help it thrive. Our comprehensive service selection covers every aspect of moving medical healthcare equipment. We work with you directly without all the subcontractors to keep the move as efficient, secure and safe as possible.  

Moving and installing medical healthcare equipment is easier with Able!


Challenges Involved With Moving Medical Healthcare Equipment

Handling Sensitive Information 

Adding to the complexity is the fact that today some medical equipment contains software with sensitive information that must be handled accordingly. It’s as much a matter of security as it is about damaging equipment that contains irreplaceable data about people’s health.


Medical Healthcare Equipment Moving Services

Able’s expert machinery movers make sure medical equipment is moved efficiently and safely even if we have to fabricate parts to get the job done.

From relocating an entire hospital to moving a single piece of medical equipment, Able Machinery Movers is equipped for the job. Our individualized, agile machine moving services give us the ability to handle moves of all sizes in the medical equipment industry. We can even execute a complete medical facility relocation if needed.  

Our agility doesn’t mean safety is compromised. Able is a HIPPA-compliant mover that’s careful in the pre-planning phase to account for issues, challenges and obstacles so that we can plan ahead to prevent problems from occurring. Our ability to mitigate risk helps reduce costs and decreases the chance of expensive delays.  

Moving services from Able Machinery Movers includes:  

  • Specialized moving equipment and expert movers 
  • Pre-planning to create a move project plan 
  • Decommissioning equipment 
  • Packing and unpacking equipment 
  • Transport to new location 
  • Installation of equipment 
  • Custom fabrication 
  • Use of third-party risk management services 
  • Services that exceed OSHA safety requirements 
  • Professional-grade insurance coverage   

Specialized lifts, dollies and moving trucks are on-hand to make sure our movers have what they need to get medical equipment loaded, transported and put in place safely. Your knowledge of your medical equipment paired with our moving expertise is the perfect partnership to get the job done safely and efficiently.  


Rigging That Gets Medical Healthcare Equipment Safely in Place

The largest medical healthcare equipment is no problem for our rigging team.  

Many medical devices are small enough to fit in a doctor’s pocket, but some equipment can barely fit into a full-size room. When medical healthcare equipment is oversized, cumbersome, oddly shaped or extremely heavy rigging services may be the only solution for making a move. Able’s machinery movers coordinate with our riggers to get any piece of equipment where it needs to go.  

  • Complete range of rigging equipment that includes cranes, forklifts and hydraulic gantries 
  • Project planning and documentation 
  • Custom-built tools, as needed 
  • Experience handling charged MRI magnets
  • Escort services 
  • Logistics support 
  • Permits and professional-grade insurance 
  • Storage which can provide power and chilled water

Even in confined spaces where medical equipment is fitted precisely, our riggers can figure out how to get equipment decommissioned and set up in the next spot.  


Clean Room Services for Medical Healthcare Equipment

When a move requires strict control of contaminants our clean room services keep you compliant.  

Healthcare equipment requires a certain type of environment to ensure safe operation and use. The high-tech components of medical equipment can’t function properly unless the environment is clean of dust and debris. Because the equipment is used for medical purposes, it must also be kept in a highly sterile environment.

Able’s clean room services are the solution for medical facilities during a move. We offer:  

  • Mobile clean room units that can come to your location to provide services.  
  • Experience with Hitachi, GE Healthcare, Siemens, and Philips
  • Over 30 years of experience working in clean room environments.  

Working with one of the longest-running mobile clean room service providers gives you reassurance that no step of the move will compromise the integrity of your medical equipment.  


Expert Crating Services for Medical Equipment

Certified machinery packing services from craters that care mean your life-saving machinery arrives in perfect condition.  

Expert machinery crating services can make the difference between a smooth equipment relocation and a costly venture that requires equipment replacement. Our customers rest easier knowing we’re an ISPM-15 certified crating company. We can: 

  • Create custom crates and packaging that’s designed specifically for your medical equipment.   
  • Provide onsite crating services.  
  • Have equipment shipped to our site for custom crating.  
  • Have a custom-built crate shipped to your location for use.  

With Able Machinery Movers you have options that minimize disruptions and fit into your daily workflow. It’s all about what’s most convenient and cost-effective for your business.  

Able also has three machine warehousing facilities where your crated medical equipment can be securely stored until it’s ready to be installed.  


Why Businesses in the Medical Healthcare Equipment Industry Know They Can Trust Able Machinery Movers

When it comes to people’s health, quality should never be compromised. Able Machinery Movers are true professionals that understand people’s lives could depend on the medical healthcare equipment we move. We don’t take our job lightly. We go above and beyond to account for every possible obstacle and take every precaution.

One contaminant is all it takes to make medical equipment inoperable. One bump could cause a malfunction that goes unnoticed until something goes obviously wrong.

Over the decades we’ve cultivated a work culture that prides itself on putting safety first. Putting the safety of our staff, our clients and their customers first makes us better at every facet of our job. It’s a belief that’s shared with many businesses in the medical healthcare equipment industry.  

You’ve made a major investment in your medical healthcare equipment. You should have movers that respect your investment by investing in their own equipment and the experienced employees that use them. Over the last 65 years Able Machinery Movers has continuously improved our systems and capabilities, which is why we’re one of the top medical industry movers in the country. 

Contact Able Movers to find out how we can make moving medical healthcare equipment easier all around. 

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