Many professional movers won’t even transport electrical equipment, which means even fewer movers are going to be able to handle chemicals and materials that conduct electricity.


Many professional movers won’t even transport electrical equipment, which means even fewer movers are going to be able to handle chemicals and materials that conduct electricity. Semiconductor equipment moving is a highly specialized service that takes expertise and extreme attention to detail to be done right.

Semiconductors, also known as integrated circuits (ICs), are considered to be the brains of today’s electrical equipment. The semiconductor material conducts electricity between conductors like metals and insulators like plastic. These components are in countless consumer products and industrial equipment.

Able Machinery Movers is a company that semiconductor manufacturers can trust to handle complex relocations whether it’s a complete silicon factory relocation or a single piece of equipment that needs special care. We’re among the few movers that have the experience, tools and personnel to provide services for the semiconductor industry that are safe, within budget and on time.


Challenges Involved With Moving Semiconductor Equipment

Semiconductors pose a number of unique challenges for a moving company. It isn’t a project where a mover can come in sight unseen without a well-defined plan of action. It must be carefully thought out so that challenges can be overcome rather than causing major delays.

Cost of Equipment

One of the biggest challenges associated to semiconductor jobs is simply the cost of a semiconductor. These chips can range anywhere from $700,000 to $4,000,000. 

Sensitive Electrical Equipment

The most obvious challenge associated with moving semiconductors is the sensitivity of the electrical equipment. Semiconductors must be loaded securely but handled with great care in order to avoid causing damage or compromising the integrity of the components.

Tight Temperature Control

If the temperature goes up, then the electrical resistivity of the semiconductor goes down. That means the semiconductor material can’t resist electric current as well. Unlike other types of moves, you must be very mindful of temperature levels with semiconductor moving.

Completely Clean Environment

The environment when semiconductor equipment and materials are used and stored must be free of contaminants. It’s an added layer of complexity that must be handled by specialists who understand cleanroom environment protocols and best practices.

Semiconductor Equipment Moving Services (H2 tag)

Able has the specialized equipment and highly trained staff that are needed to move semiconductors.

Able Machinery Movers can overcome any challenge that’s posed by a semiconductor move. Even vibration during transit is accounted for when we move semiconductor equipment across a facility or across the country.

Our machinery moving services cover everything from start to finish. Our project managers will take the time to carefully plan out the move working closely with your engineers and staff. We’ll make sure that your employees and facility are protected in addition to the equipment that is being moved.

Able Machinery Movers’ semiconductor moving services include:

  • Clean Room moving specialists
  • Specialized moving equipment that includes aluminum jacks, dollies & plates, poly blocks, and other specialty tools
  • Project planning
  • Equipment decommissioning
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Temperature-controlled transport
  • Installation
  • Third-party risk management services
  • OSHA safety protocols
  • Professional-grade insurance coverage

Our semiconductor moving services can be paired with machinery crating services that provide extra protection during transit and storage. You can choose to have your equipment crated in our facility or we can bring crating experts and specialty-built crates to your site.


Safely Rigging Semiconductor Equipment in Sensitive Environments

When semiconductor rigging is needed Able Machinery Movers is the team to call.  

Often rigging services are needed in a semiconductor move, especially when entire fab moving is needed. Able Machinery Movers has earned a reputation as one of the most skilled rigging teams in the U.S. One thing that sets us apart is our full inventory of rigging equipment that allows our riggers to make semiconductor moves go smoothly. No semiconductor equipment is too complex, large or heavy for our rigging team.

  • Aluminum jacks, dollies, plates & gantries, poly plates & blocks
  • Custom-fabricated moving equipment
  • Various air dolly systems with air compressor and dryers
  • Project planning 
  • Documentation
  • Temperature controlled transport
  • Logistics support
  • Professional-grade insurance

Third-party logistics support adds reassurance that our rigging service is the most effective solution for your semiconductor moving needs.


Clean Room Services for Semiconductor Equipment

Contaminants aren’t a problem with clean room services from Able Machinery Movers. 

Clean room services are an absolute must for semiconductor moves. The components are so highly sensitive any kind of contamination can cause serious issues. Our expert cleanroom technicians will ensure that your equipment isn’t exposed to dust, debris and humidity. 

Our clean room services are the solution you need for semiconductor moves:

  • Expert project planning.
  • Fully outfitted mobile clean room trailers that can come to your location.
  • Years of knowledge handling clean room tools and supplies

Able has 30+ years of experience providing clean room services in a variety of environments. Work with one of the best equipped clean room service providers in the country and rest easier knowing that your semiconductor equipment will be handled correctly.  


Expert Semiconductor Storage Services

We’re a certified machinery packer that can also store semiconductor equipment in one of our three secure storage facilities. 

Able offers flexible short-term and long-term temperature-controlled storage options at our machine warehousing facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin metros. You can store equipment for a day for staging or for a year while you get a new facility built. Our warehouses are purpose-built for storing sensitive machinery that needs special care. 


Why Able is a Trusted Semiconductor Mover

Able Machinery Movers completely understands the sensitivity and cost of semiconductor equipment. It’s the type of highly specialized service that requires experience. We have been coming up with creative solutions for complex moves since 1957. In that time we’ve become known as a machinery moving company that can adapt and execute without compromising safety or the budget. 

When you work with Able you know that you’re working with experts that aren’t going to compromise your sensitive equipment. We take every step necessary to ensure every component that’s relocated is in perfect condition, free of contaminants and fully operational. 

With equipment as expensive and delicate as semiconductors you can’t afford to use a sub-par machinery mover. You need professional movers that take safety seriously. At Able Machinery Movers our team goes through extensive training that exceeds OSHA and industry standards. Exemplary service is how we do business. 

Contact Able Movers to discover how secure and stressless we can make semiconductor moving.  

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